About Us

Our Genesis

“A business that makesnothing but money is a poor kind of business” -Henry Ford 1863-1947, American Industrialist and Philanthropist

We tend to slightly differ with Mr Ford’s statement as we strongly believe in making money, but for our clients and not at their expense. With this thought in mind, an idea called “ética” was born on November 26, 2009. The word “ética” comes from Spanish / Portuguese language which means ethics. This one word describes our business model and is the USP of our venture. This is what it separates us from the herd.

We work very differently from our competitors because we do not believe in chasing the top line or bottom line. What we all strive for is a smile on our clients face. We do not have any month-end or year-end targets. All we look for is how many happy clients are we serving.

Our Mission

To create wealth for our clients slowly but surely.

Our Vision

To be a respectful financial planning & wealth advisory firm.

Our Philosophy

“Ethics before everything”“

This is the philosophy on which Ética Wealth Advisors was founded. As T Rowe Price Jr said “What is good for the client is also good for the Firm”. If you win, we win too. Its that simple.

Our only approach is – we advise what we implement for our own portfolio.

Why Etica Wealth Management?

If you are simply looking for “honest advice” and “delightful service”, then you have reached the right place. We also ensure that our clients get educated and become confident when it comes to managing their money. Not only we try to help our clients in the area of financial advice, they look up to our advice in many different walks of their personal & professional lives. We believe in nurturing our relationship much beyond than a client-advisor engagement.

What kind of clients we like to work with ?

We are very serious about this profession and we expect our clients also to value our advice and services. We work with like-minded people who take long term approach when it comes to managing money. We are not here for quick-fix solutions and certainly do not believe in overnight results. Since we spend lot of quality time with our clients, we work with selective clientele who have an upwards of Rs 25 lakhs investible assets and are willing to avail our professional services. Our clients include senior level executives, high-networth business owners, doctors and accomplished self-employed professionals.

What you should not expect from us ?

While we try to ensure that we help investors reach their financial goals there are certain things we are not good at and we believe that you should know about it in the beginning itself. Amongst many other things which we are not good at, here are some of the stuff you must know

  • We are not good at predicting market movements
  • We are not good in recommending you the best performing fund
  • We can’t assure you any guaranteed return on your investments

Awards & Accolades

Team Etica is proud to be featured as one of the prominent financial planners in the very popular e-book “Top 10 Financial planners” in the country by Jagoadvisor.

In 2013, Etica Wealth was awarded the “Rising Star” award by a very popular advisor forum portal www.wealthforumezine.com

But frankly, our most coveted award is the smile on our clients face and we go any length to achieve that.

We help you plan your financial goals and manage your wealth